Splashing kid on request


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This image portrays a charming and evocative scene featuring a young child, likely a boy, standing in front of a wall and splashing water. The child is dressed in casual attire, including a wide-brimmed hat, a white t-shirt, and rolled-up jeans. The photograph captures the moment from behind the child, emphasizing the sense of exploration and playfulness. The splash of water creates a dynamic and lively element, while the reflection of the child in the water adds an artistic and symmetrical touch to the composition.

The background is neutral, with subtle textures and lighting, which keeps the focus on the child and the splash of water. This image evokes a sense of innocence, adventure, and joy, making it a perfect addition for products or marketing materials aimed at children’s clothing, outdoor gear, or lifestyle brands that emphasize family and play.

Key features:

– **Subject**: A young child in a wide-brimmed hat, white t-shirt, and jeans.

– **Action**: Splashing water with a dynamic and lively effect.

– **Setting**: Neutral background with soft textures and lighting.

– **Mood**: Playful, adventurous, and artistic with a sense of innocence and exploration.

– **Reflection**: Adds symmetry and an artistic element to the composition.

8.2″ x 11.6″ (Vertical)11.6″ x 16.5″ (Vertical)16.5″ x 23.3″ (Vertical)23.3″ x 33.1″ (Vertical)
Width, in8.1911.6116.5023.31
Height, in11.6116.5023.3133.11


8.2″ x 11.6″ (Vertical)11.6″ x 16.5″ (Vertical)16.5″ x 23.3″ (Vertical)23.3″ x 33.1″ (Vertical)
Width, cm20.8029.5041.9059.20
Height, cm29.5041.9059.2084.10


Add a big splash of personality to any space with eye-catching, customized posters. Print your designs in picture-perfect quality on these 180 g/m² matte paper sheets and sell them to art enthusiasts worldwide. They’re available both in four sizes: A1 (23.3″ x 33.1″), A2 (16.5″ x 23.3″), A3 (11.6″ x 16.5″), and A4 (8.2″ x 11.6″). Choose between landscape and portrait orientation.

.: 180 g/m² matte coated paper
.: Available in 4 different sizes
.: Horizontal and vertical options
.: Premium quality print