Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Rogai.me, an Art Website by Airvisor bv

General Terms and Conditions
airvisor bv
airvisor bv: Arturo is a product of Airvisor bv, located at Torteldreef 5, BE-230 Oud-Turnhout under VAT number BE0778.398.076
Customer: the party with whom airvisor has entered into an agreement.
Parties: airvisor bv and customer together.
Consumer: a customer who is also an individual and acts as a private person.
Applicability of General Terms and Conditions
These conditions apply to all quotations, offers, work, orders, agreements, and deliveries of services or products by or on behalf of airvisor bv.
Parties can only deviate from these conditions if they have expressly and in writing agreed to do so.
Parties expressly exclude the applicability of any additional and/or deviating general terms and conditions of the customer or third parties.
Quotations and Offers
Quotations and offers from airvisor bv are non-binding, unless expressly stated otherwise.
An offer or quotation is valid for a maximum of 2 weeks, unless a different acceptance period is stated in the offer or quotation.
If the customer does not accept an offer or quotation within the applicable period, the offer or quotation expires.
Offers and quotations do not apply to subsequent orders unless expressly agreed upon in writing.
Upon acceptance of a non-binding offer or quotation, airvisor bv reserves the right to withdraw the offer or quotation within 3 days after receiving the acceptance, without the customer having any rights derived from it.
Oral acceptance by the customer binds airvisor bv only after the customer has confirmed it in writing (or electronically).
All prices used by airvisor bv are in euros, including VAT and any other costs such as administration fees, levies, and travel, shipping, or transport costs, unless expressly stated otherwise or agreed otherwise.
All prices that airvisor bv uses for its products or services, on its website or otherwise communicated, may be changed by airvisor bv at any time.
Increases in the costs of products or parts thereof, which airvisor bv could not foresee at the time of making the offer or concluding the agreement, may lead to price increases.
The consumer has the right to terminate an agreement due to a price increase as mentioned in paragraph 3, unless the increase is the result of a legal regulation.
The price for a service is determined by airvisor bv based on the actual hours spent.
The price is calculated according to the standard hourly rates of airvisor bv, valid for the period in which the work is performed, unless a different hourly rate has been agreed upon.
If parties have agreed on a total amount for a service by airvisor bv, this is always an estimate, unless parties have expressly and in writing agreed on a fixed price that cannot be deviated from.
airvisor bv is entitled to deviate by up to 10% from the estimated price.
If the estimated price is expected to exceed 10%, airvisor bv must inform the customer in a timely manner of the justified reasons for the higher price.
If the estimated price exceeds 10%, the customer has the right to omit the part of the assignment that exceeds the estimated price plus 10%.
airvisor bv has the right to adjust prices annually.
Before its implementation, airvisor bv will inform the customer of price adjustments.
The consumer has the right to terminate the agreement with airvisor bv if they do not agree to the price increase.
Payments and Payment Term
Upon entering into the agreement, airvisor bv may request an advance payment of up to 50% of the agreed amount.
The customer must make payments within 7 days after delivery of the product.
Payment terms are considered as fatal payment terms. This means that if the customer has not paid the agreed amount by the last day of the payment term, they are automatically in default, without airvisor bv having to send a reminder or put them in default.
airvisor bv reserves the right to make the delivery dependent on immediate payment or to demand security for the total amount of the services or products.
Consequences of Non-Timely Payment
If the customer does not pay within the agreed period, airvisor bv is entitled to charge interest of 1% per month from the day the customer is in default, with a part of a month being counted as a whole month.
If the customer is in default, they are also obliged to pay extrajudicial collection costs and any damages to airvisor bv.
The collection costs are calculated in accordance with the Decree on compensation for extrajudicial collection costs.
If the customer does not pay on time, airvisor bv may suspend its obligations until the customer has fulfilled their payment obligation.
In case of liquidation, bankruptcy, attachment, or suspension of payments on the part of the customer, airvisor bv’s claims on the customer become immediately due and payable.
If the customer refuses to cooperate in the execution of the agreement by airvisor bv, they are still obliged to pay the agreed price to airvisor bv.
Right of Reclamation
Once the customer is in default, airvisor bv is entitled to invoke the right of reclamation regarding the unpaid products delivered to the customer.
airvisor bv invokes the right of reclamation